Having a blog and the fear of shipping

So I started this blog once before. And it set there for months without any content in it. That was back in 2009. I started it again last month, and it set again, empty, for more than a month. Last night I finally decided to say screw it and post something. So I posted about what I've been doing with web development and Heroku, but this whole experience has got me thinking about why the hell have I not posted something previously.

I think if you'd actually want to figure out why you'd have to listen to a lot of Merlin Mann's Back to Work. I've listened to every episode and he's talked a lot about how it can be very hard to ship, but that shipping something is what's important. And it's so very true.

It doesn't matter how good your idea is, or even how good your implementation is. If you never ship it it really doesn't matter. So I'm going to ship, and keep shipping, and hopefully something worthwhile at least occasionally comes out. If the quality isn't always there or if it doesn't have anything useful in it I'm... you know I can't even say I'm sorry, but I hope it's not that bad, or at least more bad than good.

I'm done any fear of being afraid to ship, for better or worse.